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Gold Package

The Gold Package covers all your bases

Over 20 weeks we'll take you through the following 

Plan Your Project

Many of us hear the term project management and think I’m too small for project management, only massive companies need that.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Project Management is  a way of managing multiple tasks across your team, understanding who is responsible and when that task needs to be completed by.

Good project management software will have the ability to create templates so that you can replicate tasks easily.  And the great thing about project management is that once the system is put in place it’s actually quite simple to maintain it.  By putting project management in place you will have an overview of your entire business.

Attract More Leads

Many people won’t just buy your core business product or service though.  They actually want to try before they buy.

A helpful opt in (or lead magnet) is a helpful way to educate people before they consider your product or service. And, done right it speeds up the process of someone becoming a client.

You really need an opt in to be able to build a funnel and to then go on and make the most of Strategic Partnerships.

Uncover Limiting Beliefs

There will be times in your life when you are firing on all cylinders and are a force to be reckoned with. Then there are others where you just can’t seem to hold it together no matter how hard you try.

Your Mind Is More Powerful Than You Think.  In this stage of the process, we'll talk about:
Life Balance, What you actually want out of life, What’s stopped you so far, Identifying 
self sabotage and measuring your happiness in business

Launch Your Funnel

You’ve probably heard savvy business owners and marketers referring to a funnel.

One of the most important things about creating a funnel is having somewhere to record the types of data that you need to record for your specific business.  The other thing you will want to achieve is some level of automation so you get an extra pair of hands without having to hire anyone new!

Done right the set up of a funnel can save you hours a week. Unfortunately it doesn’t take an hour to set up but the long term benefits of having automation in your business will far out weigh the costs of implementing the funnel!

Implement Paid Traffic


Every business owner I know tells me they need more clients, i.e. more traffic.

Social Media Platforms change their algorithm all the time, what was allowed one week is not allowed the next.  It’s getting harder and harder to have ads approved and to be able to talk to a human rather than a bot to have issues resolved.

In the Implement Paid Traffic phase I'll take you through the latest marketing strategies what works and doesn't work and what you need to have in place to capitalise on the opportunity.

Navigate Strategic Partnerships

There are many different nuances to creating the perfect Strategic Partnership and like all good things they do take time.

A Strategic Partnership is a special type of collaboration where there is a mutually beneficial arrangement in place.  Savvy Business Owners understand the time to build these types of relationships is time well spent. The other great thing about this type of Partnership is that you actually don’t need a lot of them.

You will need a system to manage the out reach and the follow up processes and I’ve built many of these in the past. I also like to involve your virtual assistant if you have one to maximise your time and investment.

Establish Business Systems

Making time for ‘down time’ is imperative in any growing business.  The thing about holidays though is that they can become very stressful for the average small business owner. Who’s going to take care of things, what happens if something happens? Or worse still their business just comes to a grinding halt when they are not in it.

It’s interesting that many small business owners think they are too small to worry about systems. The reality is that they will remain too small if they don’t start to get the business systems out of their head.

Depending on your requirements, who needs access to what and which technology solutions you already have in place you could be a lot closer to being able to implement systems and processes in your business.

Better yet once you have the infrastructure and the system for creating the systems things can happen a lot faster for you!

Gold Package

20 weekly sessions

$6,200 + GST