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Introducing 26 to Win

Introducing 26 to Win

Great to see you here, I’m excited to get you started but first lets make sure we’re a fit.

26 to Win is a one on one coaching program with a focus on accountability, productivity and mindset for Entrepreneurs, Founders, Small Business Owners and Consultants.

Once a fortnight you will need to submit your goals in a very specific manner. I've incorporated the latest techniques from neuroscience to ensure your success.

This process should take you no more than about 5 minutes and is done via a form that is emailed to you.

Before you can submit the form you must book in your next fortnightly call.

The call will take no more than 15 minutes and can be over Skype or Phone.

On this coaching call we will be celebrating your wins or talking about room for improvement.

After the call you will receive a new form to submit your next fortnightly goal.

The goal can be as big or as little as you like, depending on your capacity at the time of submission.

Sometimes we have more time on our hands than others and you get to assess this each fortnight.

Sometimes we have more clarity and so it’s easier to make strides and other times it’s really challenging to work out the next step.

This coaching program is about maintaining momentum and celebrating the little wins along the way.

It’s baby steps that will get you to your goal, so when you submit your form make sure your goal is achievable, or break it up into smaller chunks.

Remember it’s not about your potential, it’s about your performance.

"I pulled an all nighter because I knew we were meeting today Pauline!"

Who this program is for?

26 to Win is for Entrepreneurs, Founders, Small Business Owners and Consultants that need accountability in their lives.

Especially the busy, overwhelmed ones. It's for people that sabotage their creativity by taking on way too much. The entrepreneurs that are playing a small game who know they are capable of so much more. 

So if you’re looking to grow your business it’s perfect.

If you are looking to start a business it’s perfect.

If you’re looking to exit a business it’s perfect.

If you’re looking to grow a side hustle it’s perfect.

If you’re a procrastinator and you’re sick of being one it’s perfect.

If you want to get healthier, fitter or just plain happier it’s perfect.

Who this program is not for?

26 to Win is not for people that continually make excuses.

It’s not for people that blame other people for their lack of results.

It’s not for people that complain but do nothing.

It’s not for people that join programs and never complete them.

It’s not for people that just can’t be arsed.

And It’s obviously not for people who can’t afford $100 per week

Who is the Founder of 26 to Win?

Hi there, my name is Pauline Martin-Brooks at the time of writing I’m 45, live in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and I’m married to a Trade Business owner. He goes to work and I talk to my clients and my 2 fish, named Riddle and Enigma.

Our earlier fish, named Puzzle is no longer with us 🙁

Asana Certified Professional

I’ve been in the personal development space and the small business space as a BDM, an NLP Trainer, a coach,  a Marketing Strategist, a Strategic Partnerships Mentor, an Ontraport Certified Consultant, an Asana Certified Professional, a Rapid Transformational Therapist, a Hypnotherapist, an Effic Certified Partner and truly the list goes on.

Productivity Effic Certified

I’ve also worked very closely with Glen Carlson and Daniel Priestley from Dent Global (KPI) and Business Blueprint with Dale Beaumont.

I’m currently studying Dr Joe Dispenza’s work in Neuroscience. Shortly I’ll be completing Mind Valleys Lifebook Program, which teaches
excellence in 12 areas of your life.

Basically I’m one of those people that loves to learn from the best in the industry and apply those learnings in the most efficient way possible to help my clients.

And yes it costs me a small fortune.

I also study productivity and human performance. I love Dave Ruel, Brendon Burchard and Shane Melaughs work in this area.

I listen to podcasts on behavioral economics, neuroscience and epigenetics.

Basically I'm a bit of a geek!  But I also love getting on a dancefloor and hanging out in nature as much as possible!

Anyway that's enough about me, my life is an open book anyway.

People work with me because I tell them how it is, I charge them a fair price and I'm fun and efficient.

So when you click the button below to tell me you're in, this is what will happen.

You will be taken to a page to set up your fortnightly payment of $200 plus GST (AUD) and answer a few quick questions

Payments are only accepted on credit card via Stripe.

You may cancel at anytime, there is no lock in period.

Once you have paid you will receive an email with a link to a form for you to fill out.

This will happen each fortnight. As a part of that form you will book in time directly in my diary for your call in 2 weeks.

On alternate weeks I'll send you an email requesting a quick status update, please respond promptly.

When it's time for our call, I'll call you on Skype or mobile as per your preference.

From time to time I will send you a link to one of my recent blog posts.

This program is not designed for you to learn a bunch of new things, I'm not sure you need that right now.  

It's not about watching more videos than you can poke a stick at either.

It's designed to get you focused on what is going to make a difference to your situation and to make sure you get it done!

Ready?  Click the Get Started Button below now

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