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Rapid Transformation

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Did you know that there are other therapeutic methods apart from talk therapy? If you're over talk therapy (like many of my clients) and just want to get to the crux of the issue and sort it out once and for all then you're in the right place.

I'm on  a mission to help my clients evolve in the most efficient way possible. Which is why I work with entrepreneurs. I love helping them with their business but sometimes there's something much bigger that's holding them back.

That's the puzzle I love to solve. Why, when you know better do you continue to do things that sabotage your success and happiness?

How often do you need to repeat the pattern until you decide to do something about it?

And what if resolving the issue once and for all wasn't actually that hard?

Let me introduce you to a 2.5 hour session that's all about me helping you in the most effective and efficient way possible.

It's called Rapid Transformational Therapy and was only brought to Australia for the very first time in December 2018 by one of the worlds best Therapists, Marisa Peer.

I'm blessed to have trained under her directly.

I am thrilled with the effectiveness of this therapy! Please keep in mind this therapy often deals with childhood traumas and other blocks and can be done over Skype.

It is effective in dealing with the following issues:

  • Encouraging Deep Sleep
  • Unleashing Motivation
  • Maintaining Extraordinary Success
  • Attracting wealth
  • Instilling More Confidence
  • Revelling In Public Speaking
  • Improving Your Memory and Concentration
  • Relationships and Loveability
  • Freedom From Depression and Anxiety
  • Overcoming Fears of Flying, Heights, Needles etc
  • Achieving Your Ideal Weight
  • Overcoming Drinking, Drugs and Gambling

You are worth investing in to get yourself back in the groove, you are your own greatest asset!

RTT Session

An RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) session is carried out via Skype. It involves hypnotherapy and regression. It is often a one off session though some issues can take a few sessions. Compared to Psychotherapy this will save you years and thousands of dollars and get to the root cause of your issue lightening quick!  The session lasts for 2.5 hours and comes with a personalised hypnosis recording tailored uniquely to you and 21 days of continued support to ensure your success.


"My first RTT session with Pauline"
December 2018

Overcoming Procrastination and Retail Therapy

"In my first session with Pauline we went deep into some childhood experiences that had taken full control of my life and it’s outcomes.

We quickly cut to the core and addressed some sexual abuse incidents that I had never discussed in detail out loud to any body.

I’ve been in therapy for 10 years with many different methods all helpful but not quite like this, although emotional in the moment, Pauline’s approach and confident manner made me feel safe to finally unpack my experiences.

Things that have improved immediately;

My need for unnecessary retail therapy, I have been a lifelong shopping addict, I survived the pre Christmas and Boxing Day sales without one retail purchase, I don’t even want to shop but more so appreciating my already beautiful and extensive clothing collection.

I find more satisfaction in paying bills, saving for a holiday and investing in my business.

I have become confident in addressing things that I don’t understand or don’t sit right with me immediately.

I have become confident in my decision making.  An underlying anxiety that was simmering is now not there any more.

I am more confident in my own skin than I have ever been.

I have a clear vision for what I want in my life and I am beginning to ask for it in every area.  In the personalised hypnotherapy/meditation recording Pauline created for me, there was a lot of mention of success and action.

I have smashed through so much on my to do list, I have decluttered and made so much room for the new to enter, even these little things on the to do list are being churned through, I’ve never seen a more productive version of myself.

It feels great.

Life is great and for the first time I am believing in myself and my own capabilities.  Successful people already do, and that is how I am experiencing myself now.

All this growth and it’s only been 5 and a half weeks since my session with Pauline.

Highly recommend the RTT session, you will be impressed with yourself and this person who is kicking so many goals as soon as they come to mind!"

Sometimes it's not logical as to why we do the things we do, here's a few case studies of clients I've helped.

Client A - Came to me wanting help with Procrastination
Scene's that came up during Hypnosis were:

Age 5: nervous I don’t want to go to school, I’m worried about mum as she’s sick. I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble and get punished. Don’t know what’s going to happen, anxious. Worried I’ll miss something

Age 7: feeling embarrassed in the classroom because a teacher wants me to do something I don’t want to do anymore. I’m yelling because she won’t listen to me, I feel angry. Feel alone, like I don’t belong. I just want to spend time with friends not do this work

Age 8: Feel upset comparing school reports. Annoyed that the teacher likes my friend better also compares me to smarter older sibling,I’m good at things like music, I can play lightening fast. I feel alone because yet again I haven’t succeeded, just like always.Never good enough, you're not good enough, that’s not good enough.

Age In the Womb: Feeling of not being good enough is all around me, my mum feels that she’s far from home and doesn’t know anyone and doesn’t have a mum and she can't do this.

Clients Greater Understanding: Went from a feeling of always saying internally "you're going to f&%*  this up" to I’m true to me, my results are my results, I can do what's right for me. Everything I’ve achieved is because I did it. If I need help I just need to ask. I love me.That feeling was my mothers not mine."

Client B - Came to me wanting help with achieving goals, specifically finishing a book
Scene's that came up during Hypnosis were:

Age 7: Don’t Feel I have mothers approval, not good enough, a nobody, that I don’t matter. No body cares and I wouldn’t be missed.

Age Newborn: I'm fighting for survival with cord around my neck. Feel that I’m unplanned and not wanted

Age 10:Mother makes me get the eggs and she knows I’m scared and she doesn’t care. My youngest sibling would have got them for me. She locked me in the hen pen and punished me. It’s unfair

Clients Greater Understanding: Mothers opinion was unfair, I’ve got gifts to share, I have a purpose, I have a message and I deserve my freedom. I’m not stuck I’ve got all the resources and choices. Getting it right isn’t that important, getting it done is - I can fix it later.

Client C - Came to wanting help with Fear of Rejection
Scene's that came up during Hypnosis were:

Age 6: Feel alone and sad, don’t have friends, don’t feel loved. Dad doesn’t tell me. I play by myself and imagine happiness. If I work hard I will be happy one day

Age 12: Feel alone/scared no one to support me or look after me or the house. I have to show that I’m strong but i’m terrified and i just want to be hugged. I shouldn’t be afraid. Mums coming back tonight. There’s big open spaces and I’m scared.

Age 15: Feel like a fraud, don’t think my friends like me as they only come over to have takeout food. Don’t know, not worthy, feel sad. People don’t value me or understand me. I relate to younger people as they are less threatening.

Clients Greater Understanding::Never liked to be observed or judged, but it’s perfectly normal. Don’t need to feel ashamed or embrarassed. I’m strong, I’m OK to look after myself. If I want to play I just pick up the phone and ask. People who love me won’t judge. I’m loved and worthy of love.

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