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Launch Your Funnel

You’ve probably heard savvy business owners and marketers referring to a funnel.

There are many different types of funnels that can be built into a business depending on the software available.

Generally you will need something called a CRM system.

This stands for Customer Relationship Management and is really just a fancy database or client list with some extra features that make your life easier.

The challenge when growing a business is that many people keep their client data in a variety of places including manual files, different software programs and even in their gmail or outlook.

One of the most important things about creating a funnel is having somewhere to record the types of data that you need to record for your specific business.

I happen to work with a lot of different financial services companies and the types of data that they need to record are very different to a beauty salon for instance.

The ability to customise your fields (the boxes where the data goes) is very important.

The other thing you will want to achieve is some level of automation so you get an extra pair of hands without having to hire anyone new!

Done right the set up of a funnel can save you hours a week. Unfortunately it doesn’t take an hour to set up though 🙁

However, the long term benefits of having Automation in your business will far out weigh the costs of implementing the funnel!

The first funnel will involve your lead Magnet, so make sure you’ve got one. If not click Here to book a lead magnet Brainstorm session first.

There are a lot of components to building a funnel, it’s also much easier to reverse engineer or build it backwards.

I’ve detailed the steps in my blog here so please read that first if you haven’t already.

If you’ve read that blog and still need help in this area, with software choices, funnel components, landing pages and nurture sequences etc then make sure you book a Strategy Session today.

Think about how amazing it will be when you finally have a client attraction funnel in place!

If you don’t get your funnel sorted you are missing out on turning your visitors into your your new clients.

Link Me Up

A Link Me Up session is a one off session to help you identify all of your funnel components.  The session lasts for one hour and will give you the structure you or your staff need to finalise your funnel.

The session is $275 and can be booked in right now.