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Uncover Limiting Beliefs

There will most likely be times in your life when you are firing on all cylinders and are a force to be reckoned with. Then there are others where you just can’t seem to hold it together no matter how hard you try.

Did you know there are tools that can assist you regardless of where you’re currently at?

I first trained as a coach through CoachU and a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer back in 2003 to 2007. We utilised Time Line Therapy and Neurological Repatterning with Ericksonian Hypnosis to release limiting beliefs and emotions. Having learnt these skills it’s impossible to unlearn them. In fact my first thought when I had finished the program was ‘WOW this is the user manual that should come with us at birth!!”

When you start to really harness the power of your mind you will become an unstoppable force.

Here’s an example. Imagine that you had to make 100 cold calls to get the clients you needed. When you think of making a single cold call perhaps you get a little nervous, start saying things to yourself that are disempowering and immediately begin to procrastinate by doing something else that requires your immediate attention - like finding an image for your latest blog post for instance.

Then on the other hand think of something you enjoy, something you would never hesitate to do. Maybe it’s eating out, going to a comedy show, going to a class etc. Thinking about this activity makes you feel excited, you say positive things to yourself and your physiology changes.

Imagine if you could take the motivation and the inspiration for that fun activity and “map it’ over the way your brain stores cold calling. All of a sudden you’d be making 150 calls a day!

This process is called Mapping Submodalities and is another very powerful strategy that can be utilised to get you to do the things that you know you SHOULD be doing but really don’t enjoy and it’s much better than WILL POWER alone! It also happens to be incredibly effective in turning a food that you love and don't want to be eating to something that absolutely disgusts you and you would never eat again!

One of my other favourite processes is called State Elicitation where you remember a time and remember the emotion that you felt at that time. So if you think of the last time you had a good belly laugh, it’s very hard to do that without having a bit of a smirk come across your face!

I’ve even used this process when my mother had a ‘frozen shoulder’. She had been unable to move her arm properly, she could barely reach for her seat belt etc for over 18 months. In one session I had her go back to a time when she had full movement of her arm - she went back to a memory of a swimming carnival. Then she started to move her arms as if she was swimming freestyle, when she came back to the ‘now’ she carried that movement with her and her ‘frozen shoulder’ was gone in less than 5 minutes!

Your Mind Is More Powerful Than You Think.

I am 100% convinced that these strategies can help anyone, I once cured a woman of a lifelong debilitating bird phobia over the phone. So whatever challenge you are facing there will be a way to overcome it!

These little mind tricks are very powerful and often neglected when you need them the most. There’s even research that says if you hold a pencil between your teeth for a minute it will change your mood because you are essentially being forced into a smile - whether you want to or not - go ahead try it.

As you can see these are some of the strategies to get you back into your groove.

I start here with all of my clients and then tackle the more challenging things like:

  • Life Balance
  • What do you actually want out of life?
  • What’s stopped you so far?
  • How does your self sabotage show up?
  • How happy are you in your business?
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Find yourself really struggling with Mindset and think that you need next level assistance?  Check out my Rapid Transformation page. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy (or RTT for short), combines the best of NLP with Psychotherapy and is taking the world by storm.
I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and an RTT Therapist (which is the next level up from an RTT Practitioner) and am thrilled with the effectiveness of this Therapy and as I'm on a mission to help people evolve in the most efficient way possible. 

Not sure where your Mindset is at?  Take this quick quiz to find out!

Give yourself a ranking of 1-10 on all the quiz questions.
1 is the lowest on the scale (I least agree with the statement)
10 is the highest on the scale (I totally agree with the statement)

There are no right or wrong answers, just honest ones.

Think about what it’s going to cost you to stay where you are. If you don’t employ some new strategies soon then what will that mean for your business and for your overall life balance?

You are worth investing in to get yourself back in the groove, you are your own greatest asset!

Mindset Pick Me Up

A Mindset Pick Me Up is a one off session to dig into your mindset.  The session lasts for one hour and will give you the takeaways you need to adjust your mindset. It does not involve Hypnotherapy or Regression.

The session is $275 and can be booked in right now.

Mindset Keep Me Up

A Mindset Keep Me Up is a continuing coaching experience to deep dive into your mindset and work on areas that are holding you and your business back.  Sessions are once a week for 5 weeks and will give you the building blocks you need to take your business forward.  Each session lasts for one hour.

Mindset keep me up is $1250 for 5 sessions ($250 per session) and all sessions can be pre-booked right now.