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Navigate Strategic Partnerships

Are you ready to start to engage strategic partnerships in your business?

If so you will have all of the other aspects of the PAULINE method in place.

If not, don’t bother because if you can’t handle the scale then you will end up damaging relationships with potential partners, their peers and their clients.

There are many different nuances to creating the perfect Strategic Partnership and like all good things they do take time.

Occasionally you can use an existing funnel that you already have in place.

Though often it will require a few tweaks to be more targeted to your partners clients.

Understanding the best way to approach different partners, what to say, what you need to have in place so they say yes are all things to be considered.

The right Strategic Partnerships are the fastest way to Scale any Business.

Thankfully with the growth of platforms like Instagram and influencer marketing the term Collaboration (Collabs) is not as foreign to as many business owners as it once was.

A Strategic Partnership is a special type of collaboration where there is a mutually beneficial arrangement in place.

Often it’s not immediately obvious how two or more business owners can work together, however if they are willing there will always be a way. Finding someone who matches your values in business is often a great place to start.

Finding someone that has a product or service to complement yours is another thing to be aware of.

Savvy Business Owners understand the time to build these types of relationships is time well spent. The other great thing about this type of Partnerships is that you actually don’t need a lot of them.

You will need a system to manage the out reach and the follow up processes and I’ve built many of these in the past. I also like to involve your virtual assistant if you have one to maximise your time and investment.

Imagine having a list of prequalified partners that you can reach out to on a daily basis to help grow your business.

If you don’t get your team involved in the process then it will be much more challenging to manage the process and stay motivated to make the calls.