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Establishing Business Systems

You’ve probably heard that some savvy business owners actually take holidays!

In fact many successful business owners credit their success to their ability to get away from it all and let the fresh ideas come.

Making time for ‘down time’ is imperative in any growing business.

The thing about holidays though is that they can become very stressful for the average small business owner. Who’s going to take care of things, what happens if something happens?

Or worse still their business just comes to a grinding halt when they are not in it.

If this sounds like you, you have a JOB not a business.

It’s interesting that many small business owners think they are too small to worry about systems. The reality is that they will remain too small if they don’t start to get the business systems out of their head.

The old ‘what happens if you get run over by a bus’ question springs to mind here. I mean what would happen if something took you out of action for a week or more?

Would your business survive, would your staff or virtual assistants know what to do? Would the bills get paid, would the marketing campaigns continue? Would someone be able to deliver what you normally do for your clients?

If you hold all of your business processes in your head then it’s practically impossible to scale.

There are a variety of different places you can store systems, some of them are more expensive than others and as expected the functionality changes from one to the other.

Depending on your requirements, who needs access to what and which technology solutions you already have in place you could be a lot closer to being able to implement systems and processes in your business.

Better yet once you have the infrastructure and the system for creating the systems things can happen a lot faster for you!

Think about how incredible it will feel to be able to start booking time away and knowing that everything will be taken care of!

If you don’t get your systems sorted you won’t be ready for the growth opportunities coming your way!

Build Me Up

A Build Me Up  session is a one off session to help you identify the best system for you to store your systems in and what needs to go into it and in what order!  The session lasts for one hour and will give you the structure you or your staff need to start building systems.

The session is $275 and can be booked in right now.