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Implementing growth strategies in the wrong order can be hugely detrimental to your business growth, your mindset and your health.

Not sure what to do when, to scale your business?

Many of us hear the term project management and think I’m too small for project management, only massive companies need that.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When clients come to me wanting a Strategic Partnership Strategy for instance we often need to start with Project Management to ensure that they won’t drop the ball later.

So what is Project Management?

It’s a way of managing multiple tasks across your team, understanding who is responsible and when that task needs to be completed by.

Good project management software will have the ability to create templates so that you can replicate tasks easily.

It will also have a GANTT chart functionality so you can see across your whole business and understand exactly what is happening and whether things are on schedule.

It will have calendar view so you can readily see where things are at.

The great thing about project management is that once the system is put in place it’s actually quite simple to maintain it.

The best thing I find is that you end up with a lot LESS EMAILS, because often emails are sent in relation to a particular task. When you have project management in place all of those random emails stay attached to the task at hand!

The challenge and resistance often comes from staff who may have a reluctance to using the software.

This is often a training and accountability issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Not all staff will appreciate the benefits but you, as a business owner will and it’s imperative that this is communicated to your staff early on.

Often virtual assistants are much better at staying task focused then your day to day staff, generally this is due to their remote location. It also means that if you have a virtual assistant who is quite detailed and appreciates the structure then they could be the best person to keep everyone else accountable!

It’s also not uncommon for business owners to come across some information and think we need to implement this! They pick a staff member and make them responsible and then never circle back because they’ve moved on to the next great thing.

Before you know it, you have half finished projects all over the place, your staff are unmotivated or worse still, frustrated because they’ve had to take on something new and then it’s been forgotten about!

By putting project management in place you will not only have an overview of your entire business, if a staff member leaves you will more easily get the next one up to speed on any ongoing projects. 

There will be less emails to deal with and you will be able to see the capacity of each of your staff members, which makes managing them much easier.

You will never have another forgotten project and you will have the peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled.

And you only need to look into your project management software to see where everything is at!

There are a myriad of software applications to achieve this, many of which are free. Don’t waste anymore time, let’s connect and I can help you get the right one for you and your staff today!

Think about the challenges of keeping everything in your head. If you don’t employ some new strategies soon then what will that mean for your business growth and your mental energy?

You need to get this out of your head to free up your creative energy to grow your business!

Project Start Me Up

A Project Start Me Up is a one off session to help you download all of your unfinished projects.  The session lasts for one hour and will give you the structure you need to finalise your project management.

The session is $275 and can be booked in right now.