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Implement Paid Traffic

Every business owner I know tells me they need more clients, ie more traffic.

I disagree with them unless they have a conversion funnel and actually know what they can pay to attract a lead, based on the stats of their funnel.

So unless you have a Lead Magnet of some description, a funnel off the back of that connected to a CRM system and some basic business systems outlined in your business you will pay more than you need to, to run a social media ad.

If on the other hand you have been through a few strategy sessions with me or you have the above in place then lets chat!

Social Media platforms changes their algorithm all the time, what was allowed one week is not allowed the next.

Earlier today I was speaking with a client who had all of her ads approved, ran them for a few days and then they were deemed “not allowed” and turned off. So even though she had the budget she couldn’t spend it if she tried!

A peer mentioned earlier that it’s getting harder and harder to have ads approved and to be able to talk to a human rather than a bot to have issues resolved.

Social Media is a minefield and it’s becoming more challenging by the day.

By way of example, there was a time when you could upload your audience to facebook and see what Facebook knew about them. This was a brilliant way of working out who was actually on your database. Unfortunately Facebook have now removed this feature.

Soon the ability to upload your list and market to them will likely be removed too. You definitely won’t be able to upload a list from LinkedIn or something similar where the leads haven’t actually opted in for anything!

Not only that, the very detailed targeting that you can do will be slowly removed - this is already happening. Ie The ability to target someone based on their income or homeowner status is being phased out as we speak. A large number of categories have also been phased out so interest targeting is becoming more challenging.

So if you plan to use this traffic source then you’d better get a move on.

How great will it be when you can retarget visitors to your site, identify your ideal clients and greatly reduce your ad spend.

If you don’t get your social media ads sorted soon you’ll be paying more than you need to and missing out on opportunities to capture leads.

Advertise Me

Advertise me is a one off session to help you identify the assets needed for you to minimise your ad spend, track your results and check your existing site integration to maximise profits.  The session lasts for one hour and will give you the structure you or your staff need to start running successful ads.

The session is $275 and can be booked in right now.