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Pauline Martin-Brooks

Hi there! My name is Pauline Martin-Brooks and I’d love to share a little bit of my story with you.

You see I come from an entrepreneurial family, my dad was an arborist (back then they called him a Tree Lopper), before that he had a mowing business and before that a cleaning business. So I remember spending school holidays from the time I was about 7 cleaning down hand rails and window ledges and helping my mum vacuum.

I was mowing lawns at 12 and sold everything from passion fruits and chokoes (from the backyard vine) to soap on a rope to my neighbours. I was the resident car washer as well. I went to school in the States for a semester when i was just 14, I spent a ski season in Japan when I was 19 and was working with Ernst and Young before I headed to Canada for quite a few years. All the while I continued my study in Accounting and later Marketing.

On my return from Canada I became involved in Universal Events, one of the largest personal development companies at that time. We went from about 3 staff to nearly 20 during the 7 years I was there. One of my roles was speaker liaison - so I got to vet the content that the speakers produced, most of which I still have. I was incredibly blessed to complete several certifications in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Neurological Repatterning.

That fuelled my passion for personal success and mind hacks (I actually enjoy reading about Neuroplasticity in my spare time). What I got from that time in my life was that I could be, do and have anything I wanted. I just needed to know what that was! 


Pauline was responsible for bringing in millions of dollars in revenue and she served both our customers and our partners with excellence. If you want to work with an expert, in the field of Partnerships and Joint Ventures, to rapidly grow your business then Pauline is a wonderful choice.

Karen Corban

Pauline has a unique ability to quickly get to the heart of a problem and drive accountability on delivering the solution. This makes her a great coach and mentor. You can see the tangible actions from each session. She injects years of valuable experience on joint ventures and alliances into a fun packed session. Raise a pain point and she will have an expert who can help you. She is highly regarded by her peers and this is well justified. The industry she works in can be hard to select the talkers from the doers. Pauline is a doer and if you want to make a positive impact on your business in a short space of time - I highly recommend Pauline.

Paul Higgins

Pauline Martin-Brooks is an absolute stand-out. Savvy, passionate, enthusiastic and with more energy than most! Pauline is not only fun to be around and work with, but importantly - she gets serious results.

An amazing developer of business and partnerships, Pauline cares about those she works with and helps those around her to thrive and succeed. Both a leader and a great team player, Pauline is a rare mix of integrity, action, fun and results.

She knows how to form valuable high-stakes partnerships that are win-win and leave everyone better for having done business.

David Hobson

Pauline is the partnerships queen! She has opened my eyes to the possibilities for me to partner up with other great businesses. If you need help forming business relationships please speak to Pauline.

Nicholas Schuster

Thought I knew the process to follow up and nurturing JV partnerships, yet my results showed otherwise. Working with Pauline helped me create a system around JV's and how to best help them get the results they want and I need... what eventuated after was 'results'. I recommend you contact Pauline if you are serious about creating more leads and cash-flow from JV partnerships within your business.

Anthony Simon

Pauline is a delight to work with. She loves to build strong relationships as the basis of business and she does it incredibly well.

Pauline does a great job of making everyone she encounters feel special and valued. She genuinely cares for people and has a strong business mind and the combination makes for an incredible person to deal with.

Ruth Thirtle

Pauline is a great strategic alliance manager - looking for a win/win outcome. She is also a smart marketer

Michael Yardney

One of my more important roles was Strategic Alliance Manager and in that role I built partnerships on a daily basis, filled massive events and managed their affiliate system.

After many years of filling events, attending events, educating affiliates, handling client sales and complaints and of course wearing too many hats (I loved it all) it became time for me to move on and try something completely different - after all I still didn’t know what I wanted to be. I just knew I wanted to help people.

Shortly thereafter I was approached to co-author a book called Millionaire Mentors which later became an international best seller

During my time with Universal Events I had managed to accrue a few investment properties and so when I was approached to run the Sydney office of an Investment Property firm I jumped at the opportunity.

Before long I was able to deliver a 2 hour presentation on Property Strategy.I also implemented an affiliate referral system and built Strategic Alliances with accountants to help fill the events. As a client manager I became Certified in Financial Services and my other role was to help clients get their paperwork in order (often myself and my husband would visit their homes and go through their filing cabinets with them!). 

My favourite memory from that time was working with a lady who thought she had about $70k in Super. Turns out she had $700K!! She had been working for Best and Less for 40 years! Even though I was helping people I became a bit fed up with what I felt were high pressure sales tactics into negatively geared property and I started to resent the industry as a whole.

Then as luck would have it I met Glen Carlson from Key Person of Influence (now Dent Global) who was looking to set up a Sydney office to help reach more entrepreneurs.I became the Sydney Manager responsible once again for securing Partnerships to fill entrepreneurial events and most importantly responsible for onboarding entrepreneurs that joined their 9 month KPI program. Speaking with small business owners and hearing about their trials and tribulations was my favourite part of the role.

Now having had extensive experience securing hundreds of Partnerships over the preceding years I was also called upon as the Partner Mentor and ran webinars and gave strategic advice on finding and closing Joint Ventures and Strategic Marketing Partnerships and Alliances.

What I found from working with some of those entrepreneurs is that the KPI program helped them get new leads via their increased exposure..but then there was a new problem. How to manage the leads ie the System to Scale.

Around this time I attended an event from an Entrepreneur that I had known for many years, Dale Beaumont where I learned all about google sites. You see I’m a systems freak - I have a system for everything so my challenge was not about creating systems it was about the documenting and storage of the process. In prior organisations we had relied on an internal ‘wiki’ of sorts but Google sites was a better solution, there are of course many more. My current favourite is still System Hub.

Oops started to geek out there for a minute…

Anyway I took this methodology back to Key Person of Influence and it was implemented to help them scale.

Sadly though their clients still had the same issue… too many leads and not enough documented processes...not to mention a feeling of overwhelm.

I jumped ship in May 2014 to Business Blueprint for a few years and moved on to what I felt was a more holistic approach for business owners. Dale’s program wasn’t just about getting more leads, it was also about how to manage them and continue to grow.

Once again I found myself filling events, this time though I was the Head of Marketing so I focused on mastering Facebook Advertising and working on marketing automations with Ontraport. I was the one managing email marketing, blogs, facebook pages and events and of course securing new Strategic Partnerships and being a Partner Mentor at their round table events.

By August 2016 I found myself once again burnt out, mainly from repressed grief. You see in the few years I worked with Dale I lost my remaining grandparents, my father-in-law and my mother from a series of different but equally debilitating cancers.

For years people have been telling me to go out on my own and consult, help people scale etc.

I guess it’s been too comfortable to stay where I was...so I helped people on the side with things like Facebook advertising, building lead magnets and lead magnet funnels, Partnership Frameworks and of course coaching and helping clients with mindset challenges, often curing phobias and other unwanted behaviours or limiting beliefs.

Now though I've found my WHY and I’m ready.

You know that moment when everything just starts to click? Well that’s happening for me right now and it’s freakin exciting because I know what I can deliver. I know what entrepreneurs are struggling with and it kills me that the people who want to help them say things like I can help you but you have to have a minimum FB spend of $2000 per month or you have to join a $9000 plus program and learn so much it'll likely make your head explode!

I appreciate that not everyone is at that stage and you need something in between, someone to meet you where you are and more importantly take you where you want to go.

So if you’re ready to do something different, to roll up your sleeves and take a directed approach to growing your small business then I look forward to being able to help you. If you have mindset blocks, so does the rest of the world and as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and a Certified Hypnotherapist I can help with that too!

Hint: I like fast talkers, good sense of humour and someone that stands for something bigger in the world.

P.S Thanks for taking the time to read about My Journey, I know your time is precious but it’s nice to know who you’re dealing with too.

Some of the companies I have worked with include



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Some of the certifications I've gathered along my journey...

Productivity Effic Certified
Asana Certified Professional