Do You Need A Certified Consultant? - Pauline Martin-Brooks

Do You Need A Certified Consultant?

Already have Ontraport?

Ontraport Consultant Sydney

Ontraport Consultant Sydney

If you've taken the plunge and already have Ontraport, then Congratulations you're part way there!! Most people I see who have Ontraport use it straight out of the box. The challenge with this is that it hasn't been customised to your business.

One of the things that drives me absolutely nuts is seeing a business owner running a spreadsheet or some other unnecessary software along side of Ontraport! Many of my clients start like that because the over arching strategy has been neglected.
So if you haven't fully customised your Ontraport then let's have a chat and work out how to make this amazing piece of Software do what you want it to do!!
I've prepared a small questionnaire so we can get the most out of our initial chat.

CRM's can be daunting. I thought I knew a lot about Ontraport but working with Pauline has opened my mind to a whole new world! Her expertise is invaluable. What she shows me in an hour would take me a day to uncover, learn or build myself. Each time we speak I have an idea of what I'm wanting to get out of the session, but my expectations are always exceeded. I wonder how I ever survived without her!

Karina Bond, Client Relations Officer