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How A Funnel Can Help You Grow

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Funnel

Jul 08

You've Got A Lead Magnet - Now What?

Well now that you have your finished PDF or Audio or video file etc, you will need to work out a way to get it to your prospective clients. Other than manually emailing it to them!

Don’t have that yet? Read this blog first.

Traditionally this would be via a landing page. What's a landing page I hear you ask?  In it's simplest form it's a one page website, that's right just one page with no navigation.

The purpose of the landing page is to let people know about your lead magnet, that's it. Ideally, by the time they have landed on your page, they know whether your lead magnet solves their problem and they may choose to give you their personal info to get that solution.

So in order for them to give you that information, you have to have a system for collecting the data. This is known as a CRM system and there are many different ones out there. Personally, for me I like the functionality and price of Active Campaign and Ontraport for a small business user. In fact, I liked Ontraport so much I became one of their consultants in December 2017.

Now once you have the system, you need a funnel (that’s a just a series of automated steps that get built in a CRM to get people closer to knowing, liking and trusting you) to ensure they get what they opted in for and that they get followed up! I'm definitely guilty of not putting this in place when I first started my business!

You also need to host the content and depending on what it is will depend on where you put it! So for instance, if it's a simple PDF you can host it on your website (which hopefully is built on wordpress). If it's a video you might consider, hosting on your site - though that could seriously slow things down, so the better option if you're expecting lots of downloads is through a 3rd party like Youtube, vimeo, wistia or Amazon S3 storage services. Then you can simply send someone a link to watch the content. If it's private content then make sure you set that up appropriately depending on the method you use.

Now you'll also need a thank you page which contains the link to the download and if you are selling something after that then you should give people the opportunity to buy it right away even if you would normally tell them about it after a few emails, there is always someone that wants it right now - usually me lol.

So you should have a clear idea as to what the journey is that you are taking someone on, for instance just writing this blog post has made me realise that creating either a checklist of steps or even an infographic would be a huge value add.

I’ve been building and reverse engineering funnels and teaching the process for many years, so if you would like some help to map out yours then please click here to book a session today.

Pauline x

About the Author

Pauline Martin-Brooks is a multifaceted individual. She is passionate about efficiency and evolution. She routinely learns and implements anything that helps her achieve this for both herself and the entrepreneurs and teams she works with. As such she is both an Ontraport (CRM) Certified Consultant and Trainer who helps people with the Ontraport platform or thinking about getting the Ontraport platform to manage the automation in their business. She is also a trained therapist in both NLP, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She focuses on improving Productivity, Concentration and Memory, and Removing Procrastination for Entrepreneurs so they can achieve their big hairy audacious goals. From 2003 to 2015 she worked with Fast Growth companies in a variety of sectors from Personal Development to Property and Finance and then onto 2 of the largest Entrepreneurial Training organisations. Her specialty in those companies was to source Strategic Partnerships to fill events and allow for massive expansion. She has used this strategy to bring in millions in revenue. She now works with a select number of small generally service based businesses to show them how to identify, approach, close and nurture the most important relationships in their business. She has growth hacks to help you get results fast, to utilise different members of your team including offshore admin staff, saving you both time and money.