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Pauline Martin-Brooks is a multifaceted individual. She is passionate about efficiency and evolution. She routinely learns and implements anything that helps her achieve this for both herself and the entrepreneurs and teams she works with. As such she is both an Ontraport (CRM) Certified Consultant and Trainer who helps people with the Ontraport platform or thinking about getting the Ontraport platform to manage the automation in their business. She is also a trained therapist in both NLP, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She focuses on improving Productivity, Concentration and Memory, and Removing Procrastination for Entrepreneurs so they can achieve their big hairy audacious goals. From 2003 to 2015 she worked with Fast Growth companies in a variety of sectors from Personal Development to Property and Finance and then onto 2 of the largest Entrepreneurial Training organisations. Her specialty in those companies was to source Strategic Partnerships to fill events and allow for massive expansion. She has used this strategy to bring in millions in revenue. She now works with a select number of small generally service based businesses to show them how to identify, approach, close and nurture the most important relationships in their business. She has growth hacks to help you get results fast, to utilise different members of your team including offshore admin staff, saving you both time and money.

May 10

Desiderata – My Inspiration

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Mindset

I was recently interviewed and one of the questions I was asked was what inspires me.

I realised it’s this poem that my dad put on the back of the toilet door!


Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

by Max Ehrmann ©1927

Aug 05

Bio Energetic Health Device

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Mindset

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an edge?

Do you sometimes struggle with your overall energy?

Have you been experimenting with bio hacking or wearables?

I have and this little gem is amazing.

Earlier this year I started researching healing frequencies, think micro-currents and solfeggio frequencies to relax my mind, improve my sleep and enhance focus and clarity.

There are both sound and resonant frequencies and if you know anything about the body and biology then you will know that we are all energetic beings - sometimes we have more energy and focus than other times 😉

I am passionate about helping people evolve in the most efficient way possible, as such I try lots of different things to help me achieve this so I can recommend the best to my community.

This wearable device is taking the world by storm.

It is fashioned after the work of Dr Rife who discovered the healing frequencies over 100 years ago, in fact here’s a Ted Talk on that very subject.

Anyway I digress, this device is a holistic healing device. 

The precursor to this wearable was the Time Waver device costing tens of thousands of dollars and people would have to go to a practitioner and have a session.

Like all things tech, the device got smaller and cheaper over time and is now within reach for most peoples’ budget.

So if you are looking for an edge then I highly recommend you check out this device.

I have the Resonance programs because I’m a therapist and I also love the idea of the efficiency of it - i.e it scans my energy field and suggests the program - that way I don’t have to think about it.

But that’s a hefty chunk of change, so know that you can start with the Gold level and upgrade over time if that suits you better.

You can also just buy the specific program that you need.

Any questions ping me on LinkedIn - I’m the only Pauline Martin-Brooks in the world!

Otherwise Hit the Buy Now and you will be redirected to a page to purchase.

P.S You will see something like this when you first go to the page. You can't purchase without clicking the Yes.
At some stage in the future I may be able to add my name but for now I'm just a number lol.

Aug 05

Meditation Anyone?

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Mindset

I'm a big fan of taking the time to meditate, all great leaders have used meditation in one way or another over the years.

These days with technology available to us like wearable EEG devices that measure your brainwaves we really have no excuse.

Over the years I've tried meditating in different ways. I've done the stare at the candle method, the say your name method, the focus on your breath method, the mantra method, extreme meditation where people run around the room and blow whistles etc basically you name it and I've probably done it.

And I'm sure to some degree they were all a bit effective - the problem is that I didn't know how effective and without results it's challenging to compare and improve.

Just because you sit for 5 minutes with your eyes closed does not mean you are meditating!

Which is why I bought myself a Muse Meditation Headband.

I love muse so much I became an Ambassador for them and I recommend it all my therapy clients and they love me back and let me offer a discount!

Meditation is proven to shrink the part of your brain responsible for fight or flight stress response and strengthen the part of your brain that makes decisions - who doesn't want some of that!

We all have tens of thousands of thoughts in a day and sometimes our lives become ruled by our thoughts without us even realising.

Often those thoughts aren't of a productive nature and as a result our mood is not quite as joyful as one might hope!

Before you know it, it's the end of the day, you've achieved next to nothing, said some terrible things to yourself in the process and you're exhausted and you put yourself to bed, often to repeat the same thing the following day.

It's a vicious cycle and it can steal many weeks, months or even years from your life.

Two things that are easy and can break this cycle are feeling grateful and meditating.

Often when we dwell in 'negative emotions' like anger, frustration, guilt, shame, sadness, grief etc it's such a big jump to get to something like joy, happiness or bliss that we often don't even attempt it.

The great thing about gratitude is that it's like a bridge from those 'negative emotions' to "positive emotions".

The reason I put these in inverted commas is because there really is no such thing as positive and negative emotions there are only low vibration and high vibration and all emotions fit onto a scale with Gratitude at the midpoint.

I strongly believe you need to feel an emotion until it no longer requires to be felt. There's a saying that says unexpressed emotions may sometimes cause other organs to weep.

This just shows the connection between emotions and our health, which as science improves becomes even more obvious.

The Mayo Clinic uses meditation with their breast cancer patients for improved results and there are meditation retreats available globally that have had profound effects on terminally ill people.

So knowing all this do you think you can find time in your life for a little more meditation and a little less harsh self talk?

Of course you can, what if you could track your results and work out what method of meditating works best for you?

This is why I love my Muse! I've been able to run reports after my sessions that tell me exactly what amount of time was spent in a meditative state and what was spent in an active state.

The other thing I love about Muse is that it gives you a nudge when your mind starts to wander by playing a louder sound than it was before. This allows you to bring your focus back to the breath much faster than figuring out that you're mind has wandered when you're half way down your mental shopping list!

So this means that more of your meditation is actually spent meditating!

Which leads to efficient and effective meditation - who would have thought that was possible.

The other thing I love about it is that it rewards you with bird sound, when you're in the right mediation zone.

Of course if you find that distracting you can turn it off - but it makes me smile so I leave it on!

People who meditate train their brains, a wandering mind is part of the Human Condition but it can lead you to a life of less than you deserve.

So when is now a great time to get started?!

Click Below to get your Muse at a discount and start training your brain!

Apr 01

That Little Voice In Your Head

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Mindset

My fascination with the Occult started when I was quite young. 

My mum used to say that my nanna was a gypsy and that sometimes she could see things and they often came true. Like the time she said an Indian man was going to cause me great pain-that turned out to be my dentist!

So it was not uncommon for me to have moments of intuition myself that proved true sometimes under incredible odds.

For instance one day I was making a cup of tea and this flash hit me and I saw myself singing on stage - this just about crippled me - I don't sing. Someone once handed me a card on a dance floor and it said "I've seen you dance, if you can sing, call me" - I threw it away!

Well later that morning, I headed to an event where they had a Prize Draw and I put my name in for it. It was held at the old Convention Centre in Sydney and it was full, so more than 900 people were in the the room. I won the draw. Then I got up on stage and had to roll two giant dice, each outcome was represented by a prize that I could win except for the number 4 - that was SING A SONG - well you can guess what happened. I grabbed the mic and said oh no I saw this happening and I just know I'm going to be singing today. Of course I rolled a four had to sing a song. As i happened to know the team running the event they thought it would be a riot and chose the song Like A Virgin for me to sing in front of close to a 1000 people!

What was interesting about that event was that I had set my intention for the day to get to know as many potential affiliates as possible - I was the Affiliate Manager. So later that week when I ran an Affiliate Webinar everyone remembered me from the event! So I achieved my intention - just in a very round about way. Which is why people say be careful what you wish for!

Another time that stands out for me is when I fell in love in Canada many many years ago, I said to my now husband Conrad that I was very much in love with him but the only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that i always thought i would marry a James, and I believed very strongly in my intuition.

Without missing a beat he said babe I am a James and he proceeded to whip out his license and prove it to me and yes he was actually named James Conrad but never used the James. I like to use it when he chauffeurs me around, Take me home James I say!! Needless to say I married him shortly after!

So here's a question for you, do you ever hear a little voice in your head that tries to steer you in a particular direction?

I'm not talking about the voice that tells you to eat ice cream and sit on the couch I'm talking about the one that says you should go to that event, or you should submit a proposal for that job or you should write a blog about whats coming up so people get to know you better.

I've found that listening to my intuition does several things, one it gets louder next time and less easy to ignore. Two I feel like I'm helping myself and have faith in my psychic abilities - I truly believe we are all psychic and capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Three it often leads to the perfect connection or piece of information that i was needing at that time.

The other thing I notice is Synchronicities for instance I'd barely heard of Dr Bruce Lipton a week ago, even though he wrote the book the Biology of Belief which should have been devoured by me years ago I'm sure.

His name was mentioned to me at an event I attended last week, then my girlfriend mentioned the title to me then a few days after that a fellow therapist mentioned it to me. So I'm about to buy that and I expect to find something rather profound in it because of the push from the Universe for me to read it.

So if something like that happens to you where several people mention something to you, act on it and expect great things to come of it. We don't get what we deserve we get what we expect.

Where are you placing your expectations and how is that affecting the way in which you show up on a day to day basis?

Are you setting intentions, heck do you even know what you value anymore and how to get more of that into your life?

Maybe you just need a Mindset shift, I help clients work out their values, remember what they're grateful for and generally uncover some limiting beliefs that have been holding them back for YEARS - If you need help in this area then please Click Here!

Feb 01

Hubby’s Cry For Help

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Accountability

This morning I awoke to a love note of a different kind.

You see my hubby and I were married back in October 2005 and ever since that date he has been writing me morning notes.

My hubby is a tradie (well a Trade Business Owner) and as such he's out the door way earlier than I care to climb out of bed...usually.

Most mornings he professes his undying love for me and tells me how grateful he is that we are in each others lives.

Some mornings he tells me about his crazy dreams and others he just dumps out what's on his mind before he faces the day.

Either way for me it's like Christmas morning.

I head downstairs and look straight to the table where he leaves the note.

I pop on the kettle and sit down to get ready to reconnect with my hubby even though he's not here.

It's a strange kind of ritual but it works for us.

Ocassionally I even write a note back!

This mornings note was the heavier kind, the kind that lists the challenges and the frustrations of being a small business owner.

The kind I could readily relate to.

As a small business owner myself I'm torn between learning the latest and greatest productivity tools or software to make my life easier. The latest marketing strategies of all kinds and staying up to date with the numerous things that I'm certified in.

On top of that, though that alone could take me a day or more, I'm planning new assets for my business like building courses, service offerings, freebies etc.

Of course I'm constantly in the middle of numerous client projects, until all of a sudden I'm not!

It's odd how that happens right, one minute you've got more clients than you can poke a stick at and you're wondering how on earth am I going to fit this in.

So you jump in and work ridiculous hours to get on top of it, breath a sigh of relief and then you have the sudden realisation that oh crap now you've got nothing.

This is essentially what just happened to my hubby. One minute his tree business was mental and he was booked over a month in advance, next minute he's wondering where the next client is going to come from.

It's a challenging situation and we've all been there.

It's also super hard to stay motivated when you're in a scarcity mindset!

This is actually one of the reasons that I created 26 To Win.

Click Here to Find Out More About This Program

One thing we all need more of is Accountability. Just the other day I met with someone and he said no one keeps me accountable and I'm challenge to keep myself accountable.

He is not alone and neither are you.

I've rarely met an entrepreneur who needed less accountability and believe me I've met thousands having been responsible for Strategic Partnerships for Business Blueprint, KPI (Dent Global) and Universal Events with Chris Howard - all of which educated Entrepreneurs en masse.

The missing link that enabled some of these people to truly thrive was leaning into the acountability element.

Environment dictates performance and we're not always in the best environment to achieve our goals.

Intention only gets you so far and looking at your numbers is great but WHAT ARE YOU MEASURING?

If you're measuring engagement on Facebook, or the number of new clients or even the amount of cashflow you have coming in, that's all well and good and not a bad place to start.

But these are known as lag indicators, which means you have to wait to see the result, which could turn out to be good or bad.

So think about what leads to results and you'll realise it's actions.

So it's your actions that also need to be measured.

Like how many calls did you make, how many blog posts did you put out? How many facebook ads have you scheduled etc.

These are known as lead indicators and they are a much better analysis of how you and your business are doing.

Anthony Robbins once said "you're only a leader if you can take your vision and break it up into a series of daily actions".

Are you taking the action you need to be taking?

If not click here to find out more about my accountability coaching 26 to Win.

And yes just in case you're wondering that was the advice to my husband, he also needs accountability coaching, the only question is whether i should make him pay for it?!

Comment below and let me know what you think, Yes he should pay or No he deserves a free ride?

Personally I'm thinking he should pay, I've always gotten more out of something when I've handed over my hard earned dollars!

Jan 01

Power Of The Mind

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | RTT

One of my favourite books when I was growing up was called the Giant Book of The Unknown, I received that about the same time I received a beautiful leather bound copy of the Websters dictionary and a book about Marie Curie (all of which came from a deceased estate that my dad happened to be clearing out.)

For me that day was like Christmas. We didn't have a lot growing up and when dad stopped in with this truck loaded with stuff it was just awesome. He was grabbing things out of the back and saying do we need one of these, how about one of these and my mum was just as happy as I was getting a few things for herself. I even remember my dad holding a vibrator for about a second and then throwing it back in the truck and we all burst out laughing - it was a fun day.

The things I read about in The Giant Book of the Unknown seemed so amazing to me that they had to be some kind of magic. Things like remote viewing were especially fascinating as they proved the concept that we are all connected. If you don't know what remote viewing is it's when one person thinks of something and the other person draws it, and it's been tested over vast distances, so distance has no bearing on it.

The other thing that really disturbed yet intrigued me were people who believed so strongly in the crucifixion that they grew substances that were hard as nails from the soles of their feet and the palms of the hands. I thought to myself if the mind can do that what else can it do?

I re-read the Giant Book of The Unknown and kept it for many years, thus started my obsession with the power of the mind when I was about 12 years old!

At about the age of 14 I bought Kevin Trudeaus Mega Memory to learn how to improve my memory.

This was the start of a lifelong fascination with learning. Actually it probably started earlier as I have many memories of my dad saying go and look something up in the encyclopedia or go and read the dictionary - basically I was sent off to read a lot as a kid - luckily it's still my happy place today, that and a dance floor.

Studying was like zen to me and as I grew up in a rather tumultuous household with lots of yelling and screaming I was able to zone out rather easily and often found myself not quite here, basically in a trance like state.

Learning Neuro Lingusitic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurological Repatterning and Time line Therapy in my late twenties opened up a whole new world of possibilities using that same trance like state. Knowing I could cure phobias, shift beliefs, help people get rid of negative emotions and a slew of other things was simply incredible.

You see nothing excites me more than Solving Problems - be they business problems or personal problems - A problem well stated is a problem half solved!

Now that I've cycled back to this line of work it was time to seek out something even more advanced than NLP and it was in November 2018 that I trained in an emerging Therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Given my love for NLP, this was a holy grail combination of NLP, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and a handful of other techniques designed to achieve rapid lasting change. What thrilled me most about this is that there were GP's, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists and Psychologists all learning this new form of therapy. Which is a good thing because often one session under hypnosis is all it takes to get to the root cause where years of Psychotherapy can sometimes achieve very little.

I specialise in Procrastination and Performance Issues, because I believe as Business Owners we need to overcome this to get our genius out to the world in a timely manner.

Because it's not about your potential it's about your performance!

If you are interested in an RTT session to get to the underlying cause of what's holding you back please Click Here to see more information.
Dec 28

8 ways to silence your inner critic for good

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Mindset

This week I walked into my office and said these exact words in my head.

‘Arrgh this is doing my head in” followed closely by “I’m losing my mind”

It’s no wonder at this point that I started to think less clearly. You see our minds are so unbelievably powerful that the thoughts we have, both in our heads and out, give cues to our body to behave in a certain way.

As a man thinketh so he be etc etc etc

Basically when I say something like that, it drains my strength and my mental capacity.

My husband has a particularly harsh inner critic it turns out.  So, I’ve been keen to explore ways to help him with it. These are some of my favourite.

The Muscle Testing Method

I love to do this exercise with kids and my husband on occasion. It’s based around kinesthetic muscle testing and can also be used to see if someone is lying to you.  More on that in a later blog post.

The method is quite simple and involves someone (Person A) raising their arm to the side. Someone else (Person B) tries to push their arm down while person A tries to keep it in place. Normally Person A can maintain their arm level without an issue. What’s interesting though if Person A then says out loud  "I’m an Idiot, I’m Stupid, What did I do that for" etc etc then Person A loses their strength instantly.  Person B can then push their arm down without an issue. If Person A then says things like "I’m strong, I can do this, I’m amazing", their strength instantly returns.

I’ve found this muscle testing method is a great way to identify the danger of your inner critic.  And it’s particularly effective with boys/men as they usually like to demonstrate their strength whenever they can!

The Distance Method

Many years ago, when I was working on my own inner critic, I used a technique where you visualise the inner voice. You imagine sending it down your body to your big toe and kicking it across a few football fields. It’s quite effective and you can add a sound in your head as you do it, which makes it a bit more fun.

The Friend Method

This involves directing the words to your best friend in your imagination. It’s interesting that the words we say to ourselves in our heads are so unbelievably harsh sometimes, that if we said them to a friend they wouldn’t stay a friend for long.

The Child Method

This involves you saying the words to either an imaginary child or better yet yourself as a young child.  Again this is quite a disheartening thing to do and it really helps minimise that voice.

Vocalise Method

Our inner critic lives in our head.  So it’s particularly useful to say out loud all those things that you normally say in your head. This makes it more real and it’s much easier to track your progress over time.

Written Method

This method involves you writing down every mean, horrible nasty thing that you say to yourself in your head. It’s quite enlightening and you’ll soon realise that, if you’ve ever spiralled, this type of thing is often the cause.

The Praise Method

This method revolves around six praise statements for every harsh inner critic statement. I love this method as it’s also effective in boosting your self esteem. I often use this with my husband when he verbalises something like “that was stupid” and I say out loud to him “I love myself because______”.  I repeat that five more times and he has to finish the end of the sentences.

This can be a real struggle for someone that beats themselves up a lot, but I’ve found it’s quite effective for helping people see a better side to themselves.

The Mean Kid at School Method

Imagine that your inner critic had a name and it was called after your least favourite person from school. Then when the voice comes into your head you can just thank it and ignore it like you might have done with that mean kid at school.

Your inner critic doesn’t have to be a lifelong companion, that’s the job of your intuition not your inner critic. So use the methods above and be aware of the voice and make sure you thank it and send it on it’s way.

Nov 25

Are You Paying Enough For Your Time?

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Productivity

I think one thing we can all agree upon is that time is precious and there’s not enough of it.

But what if you could make more?

Normally when money and time are in the same sentence the thought process is, are you charging enough for your time...which hopefully you are...but that’s the topic for another blog post.

So let’s look at time.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m an efficiency freak, which is both good and bad.

Good because I can save time with the tools and tech and services I subscribe to, bad because finding those tools and tech etc is the part that takes time.

So I’m both a researcher and an efficiency freak!

Let me give you something to think about.

When I was younger I often used time to save money, now that I’m in my forties I use money to save time.

As a person that works from home, I save time on my commute - it’s non existent, unless you count the stairs to the kitchen and back to make tea.

Many people that work from home are blessed like me, however they may also be cursed by just how much there is to do around the house on a regular basis.

I reckon anyone that has worked from home at some stage has spent at least an hour cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms etc.

In fact this can be a practical form of procrastination.

The other joy of working from home is that you have all the time in the world to cook.

Well technically this is also a good thing it can turn into a total time suck.

As a Small Business owner that works from home I understand that neither of these things is a productive use of my time. 

As a Small Business owner that works from home I understand that neither of these things is a productive use of my time. 

I don’t mind cleaning and I don’t mind cooking BUT I don’t love either of them enough to swap my precious time for them.

So think about and maybe start making some enquiries to find out what it would cost for you to get a cleaner, even just a once a month to start would make a big difference.

After all it’s much easier to keep a place clean than clean it!

And there are people out there who actually love cleaning, my sister is one of them -- she actually gets a thrill out of it.

And you know what, she’s a small business owner too.

So stop being selfish and keeping the cleaning to yourself 😉 especially when there are people out there also trying to make a living with their small business just like you, who actually love to clean!

Now let’s look at cooking, as time goes on there are so many meal services it can make your head spin. I often travel to Canada and over there they have a delivery service that delivers what you need to cook a specific meal - all in one bag - now that’s more efficient than having to shop but still it could be improved upon.

Then there are services where you can get ‘ready meals’, these can be amazing too - but I’ve heard they can get a bit boring over time.

Anyway after looking at some of these options I decided to find someone who loves to my kitchen and no it’s not my husband - though he does a mean spaghetti bol.

Luckily a friend of mine had already found someone to cook for her and I was able to use her services too.

So you know what? I have both a cook and a cleaner. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not rich (but I am happy).

Interestingly when I was 30 I did this exercise of what my future would look like and I thought to myself…” I want a cook and a cleaner and a pool boy” ...I’m still working on the last part 🙂

In fact when i quit my job a few years back and essentially had minimal income and was living off savings I still maintained these services. Why? Because I knew the value of my time.

So let me ask you are you paying enough for your time?

If not now is the time to change it.

So spend a bit of time researching to find someone that can give you back your most precious resource.

Nov 18

Have you ever missed an important email?

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Tech Tools

It’s annoying right?

There’s something you want to stay on top of and then all of a sudden life happens and before you know it, it’s been missed.

Well I’ve been having this challenge with my online booking calendar 24 Sessions and my Google Form Responses.

I love 24 Sessions for a variety of reasons, namely that it allows me to have quick video chats to discuss a project.

The challenge though is that the alerts go to my email account, which in this case is a G Suite account.

I’ve been researching a way to get these alerts to my mobile phone and I thought I found the answer via a zapier integration with Twillio.

So I bought credit with them and then realised I also needed a number to SMS my phone once a booking confirmation email had been received.

So I looked for a number which you can buy for about $6 per month.

Then I thought to myself there has to be an easier way, you see I really hate ongoing monthly costs especially in USD.

Then I came across this method inside of gmail!!

First you need a Chrome Extension called SMS Alerts - it will be named like this: 

Gmail SMS Alerts

Then you connect that to CloudHQ - follow the prompts.

Once you have that set up you can find the SMS notification that looks like a chat bubble top right.


Then you can add rules!!

I’ve now set this up to cover my Google Form responses and my 24 Sessions alerts.

Basically if you get an email inside gmail then this will work!

All you need is the sender and the message subject.

So to receive sms notifications when someone fills in your Google Form you would set it up like this.

A word of warning here, when I first connected this I received alerts for all my past form responses and calendar bookings.

So it’s not effective today, it’s retroactive - be prepared for a lot of dings!

Let me know in the comments how you will use this.

Efficiently Yours,

Jul 08

How A Funnel Can Help You Grow

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Funnel

You've Got A Lead Magnet - Now What?

Well now that you have your finished PDF or Audio or video file etc, you will need to work out a way to get it to your prospective clients. Other than manually emailing it to them!

Don’t have that yet? Read this blog first.

Traditionally this would be via a landing page. What's a landing page I hear you ask?  In it's simplest form it's a one page website, that's right just one page with no navigation.

The purpose of the landing page is to let people know about your lead magnet, that's it. Ideally, by the time they have landed on your page, they know whether your lead magnet solves their problem and they may choose to give you their personal info to get that solution.

So in order for them to give you that information, you have to have a system for collecting the data. This is known as a CRM system and there are many different ones out there. Personally, for me I like the functionality and price of Active Campaign and Ontraport for a small business user. In fact, I liked Ontraport so much I became one of their consultants in December 2017.

Now once you have the system, you need a funnel (that’s a just a series of automated steps that get built in a CRM to get people closer to knowing, liking and trusting you) to ensure they get what they opted in for and that they get followed up! I'm definitely guilty of not putting this in place when I first started my business!

You also need to host the content and depending on what it is will depend on where you put it! So for instance, if it's a simple PDF you can host it on your website (which hopefully is built on wordpress). If it's a video you might consider, hosting on your site - though that could seriously slow things down, so the better option if you're expecting lots of downloads is through a 3rd party like Youtube, vimeo, wistia or Amazon S3 storage services. Then you can simply send someone a link to watch the content. If it's private content then make sure you set that up appropriately depending on the method you use.

Now you'll also need a thank you page which contains the link to the download and if you are selling something after that then you should give people the opportunity to buy it right away even if you would normally tell them about it after a few emails, there is always someone that wants it right now - usually me lol.

So you should have a clear idea as to what the journey is that you are taking someone on, for instance just writing this blog post has made me realise that creating either a checklist of steps or even an infographic would be a huge value add.

I’ve been building and reverse engineering funnels and teaching the process for many years, so if you would like some help to map out yours then please click here to book a session today.

Pauline x