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Bio Energetic Health Device

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Mindset

Aug 05

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an edge?

Do you sometimes struggle with your overall energy?

Have you been experimenting with bio hacking or wearables?

I have and this little gem is amazing.

Earlier this year I started researching healing frequencies, think micro-currents and solfeggio frequencies to relax my mind, improve my sleep and enhance focus and clarity.

There are both sound and resonant frequencies and if you know anything about the body and biology then you will know that we are all energetic beings - sometimes we have more energy and focus than other times 😉

I am passionate about helping people evolve in the most efficient way possible, as such I try lots of different things to help me achieve this so I can recommend the best to my community.

This wearable device is taking the world by storm.

It is fashioned after the work of Dr Rife who discovered the healing frequencies over 100 years ago, in fact there’s a Ted Talk on that very subject.

Anyway I digress, this device is a holistic healing device. 

The precursor to this wearable was the Time Waver device costing tens of thousands of dollars and people would have to go to a practitioner and have a session.

Like all things tech, the device got smaller and cheaper over time and is now within reach for most peoples’ budget.

So if you are looking for an edge then I highly recommend you check out this device.

I have the Resonance programs because I’m a therapist and I also love the idea of the efficiency of it - i.e it scans my energy field and suggests the program - that way I don’t have to think about it.

Update: I now have the Professional Edition as I'm not a fan of monthly subscriptions!

But that’s a hefty chunk of change, then again I've also been using it to help with my retinal tear so compared to laser it's cheap! My hubby uses it on his knees so he can keep climbing, thus earning an income - which is definitely beneficial for both of us.

Anyway know that it works great for us and you can start with the Gold level and upgrade over time if that suits you better.

Any questions ping me on LinkedIn - I’m the only Pauline Martin-Brooks in the world!

Otherwise Hit the Buy Now and you will be redirected to a page to purchase.

P.S You will see something like this when you first go to the page. You can't purchase without clicking the Yes.
At some stage in the future I may be able to add my name but for now I'm just a number lol.

About the Author

Pauline Martin-Brooks is a multifaceted individual. She is passionate about efficiency and evolution. She routinely learns and implements anything that helps her achieve this for both herself and the entrepreneurs and teams she works with. As such she is both an Ontraport (CRM) Certified Consultant and Trainer who helps people with the Ontraport platform or thinking about getting the Ontraport platform to manage the automation in their business. She is also a trained therapist in both NLP, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She focuses on improving Productivity, Concentration and Memory, and Removing Procrastination for Entrepreneurs so they can achieve their big hairy audacious goals. From 2003 to 2015 she worked with Fast Growth companies in a variety of sectors from Personal Development to Property and Finance and then onto 2 of the largest Entrepreneurial Training organisations. Her specialty in those companies was to source Strategic Partnerships to fill events and allow for massive expansion. She has used this strategy to bring in millions in revenue. She now works with a select number of small generally service based businesses to show them how to identify, approach, close and nurture the most important relationships in their business. She has growth hacks to help you get results fast, to utilise different members of your team including offshore admin staff, saving you both time and money.