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Nov 18

Have you ever missed an important email?

By Pauline Martin-Brooks | Tech Tools

It’s annoying right?

There’s something you want to stay on top of and then all of a sudden life happens and before you know it, it’s been missed.

Well I’ve been having this challenge with my online booking calendar 24 Sessions and my Google Form Responses.

I love 24 Sessions for a variety of reasons, namely that it allows me to have quick video chats to discuss a project.

The challenge though is that the alerts go to my email account, which in this case is a G Suite account.

I’ve been researching a way to get these alerts to my mobile phone and I thought I found the answer via a zapier integration with Twillio.

So I bought credit with them and then realised I also needed a number to SMS my phone once a booking confirmation email had been received.

So I looked for a number which you can buy for about $6 per month.

Then I thought to myself there has to be an easier way, you see I really hate ongoing monthly costs especially in USD.

Then I came across this method inside of gmail!!

First you need a Chrome Extension called SMS Alerts - it will be named like this: 

Gmail SMS Alerts

Then you connect that to CloudHQ - follow the prompts.

Once you have that set up you can find the SMS notification that looks like a chat bubble top right.


Then you can add rules!!

I’ve now set this up to cover my Google Form responses and my 24 Sessions alerts.

Basically if you get an email inside gmail then this will work!

All you need is the sender and the message subject.

So to receive sms notifications when someone fills in your Google Form you would set it up like this.

A word of warning here, when I first connected this I received alerts for all my past form responses and calendar bookings.

So it’s not effective today, it’s retroactive - be prepared for a lot of dings!

Let me know in the comments how you will use this.

Efficiently Yours,